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Ear Aid Nepal

Ear Aid Nepal is a charity that has been established to promote good ear health and treat hearing disability in Nepal. The charity is closely associated with the International Nepal Fellowship (INF) and is committed to the development of the INF Ear Hospital and Training Centre (IEHTC) in Nepal, an establishment planned to provide care, training and education for the population of Western Nepal and located in Pokhara, which is the largest city in Western Nepal.

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The International Nepal Fellowship (INF) has had a long history of providing ear care and treatment, running more than 50 ear surgery camps in 35 districts since 1992, with UK-based ENT surgeon Mike Smith as initiator and main driving force among a number of Nepalese and other benefactors. In November 2015, after years of preparatory work by involved Nepalese people and Mike, the INF Ear Hospital and Training Centre (IEHTC) successfully opened its doors in the Green Pastures Complex in Pokhara.

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The Ear Centre is a first-class facility that has a 16-bed capacity and with experienced ear surgeons is able to treat a wide range of ear disorders. The centre provides quality treatment including surgery, hearing aids, and supporting therapies. The hospital is a centre of excellence in Nepal, with 1st world standards of care and safety and will act as a referral centre for those with simple or complex ear problems.
Local specialist training and professional networks with foreign specialists and donors is a major part of the activities.

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