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About the CEORL-HNS Global Outreach initiative

The CEORL-HNS Global Outreach initiative consists of three parts:

  1. Homepage section ”CEORL-HNS Global Outreach”, including ”CEORL-HNS Global Outreach Bulletin Board” for posts from outreach, non-profit organizations, with photo/text/links – in order to facilitate contact between individuals, donors and organizations.
  2. CEORL-HNS Global Outreach travel grant (for non-European applicants; up to 5000 Euro).
    1. CEORL-HNS congress registration waivered.
    2. 2 weeks observership at department local to the congress, with participation in e.g. temporal bone course if feasible.
    3.  Travel/lodging
  3. CEORL-HNS Global Outreach session(s) at the biannual CEORL-HNS congresses.