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President's Welcome Message
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President's Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the CEORL homepage, offering you a number of informative resources which can definitely support you in the quest for more knowledge on the multitude of activities occurring in our field – oto-rhino-laryngology, head and neck surgery!

We just had a fantastic congress in Milan – almost 3000 participants from around the world got together for the first time since Brussels 2019 and the following pandemic – what a joy to meet, greet, learn, press hands and have good old fashioned eye contact – nothing beats being there live in person!

The hard and continuous work by our immediate past-president Cem Meco through difficult times has been pivotal for the success of our organization and for all the activities outlined below – thank you so much for your dedicated effort and great personality, Cem!

All the European national ORL societies and all the European subspecialty societies were involved in the activities in Milan, e.g. planning and executing a diverse high-level academic program, including instructional sessions for the young knowledge-seeking doctor and challenging debates for the seasoned expert.

A crucial ambition for our umbrella organization is exactly that - to involve all members and stakeholders in a transparent and joint effort to educate, train, stimulate and develop our field – ultimately for the benefit of our patients.

Congress president Piero Nicolai and scientific chair Isabel Vilaseca were also supported by our international friends from around the globe – our co-opted society members from South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Egypt and the American Academy all contributed sessions providing an outlook beyond the European continent. For mutual benefit, we believe that it is essential to exchange views and knowledge across the globe – we are looking very much forward to continue and expand the collaborative efforts!

The Young Confederation is now a reality – a group of lively, enthusiastic, ambitious and hardworking young European ORL-doctors have now established this organization - see https://young-ceorlhns.ceorlhns.org/.

The aim is to strengthen contacts and collaboration between young ORL-doctors across Europe – but also to strengthen the involvement and influence of the young generation within our organization. Giuditta Mannelli from the University of Florence, Italy, is spearheading The Young Confederation, which will join our presidential council meetings and be heavily involved in future CEORL initiatives, e.g. our SoMe-activities and the program for the upcoming biannual CEORL congress in Dublin, Ireland, in June 2024.

Finally, we can announce that we are inaugurating our core educational activities for young doctors seeking knowledge in the field of ORL, to be held for the first time in Zagreb, Croatia, come March 2023 - please go to https://www.ceorlhns-academy.org/index.php for further information.

With warm and cordial regards, you are hereby invited to join us in Dublin, Ireland, 15-19 June 2024, for our next biannual CEORL congress, which will be chaired by John Russell – please go to www.ceorl2024.org

Per Cayé-Thomasen
President, CEORL